Are you a Solopreneur? Do you hate selling? This one is for you! – Liz Dederer

Liz has been one of my favorite guests I’ve had so far on the podcast.  When it comes to selling she’s a complete rockstar. There are tons of gold nuggets sprinkled all throughout this episode, grab a pen/paper and dig in.

In this podcast, she shares her knowledge and experiences in the sales and marketing industries that are truly insightful for both marketers and business coaches. 

Topics covered in this podcast include:

  • How Liz started from selling stuff online to becoming a business consultant.
  • What motivates her to teach sales
  • How to use your selling skills to help others with their business (B2B consultancy services).
  • Is there a difference between marketing and sales?
  • The art of conversation without selling
  • How to close deals by service instead of selling
  • How to choose the “right” clients
  • Is quantity better than quality?
  • You don’t have to do everything yourself

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Selling with Service

About Liz

Liz is the founder and CEO of Selling with Service. 

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